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Khartoum, Sudan

Inaugurated in 1984, Baraka Biscuits Factory was one of the first biscuit factories to be established in the Sudan. From modest beginnings with only a small line producing 3,240 tons of biscuits annually, BARAKA BISCUITS BARAKA CHIPS SAEED AGRICULTURAL PROJECT MIDDLE EAST PACKAGING MABCO PLASTICS SAEED MINING COMPANY MEDICA AL MADINA AL MONAWARA BARAKA BISCUITS Over the last 30 years, Baraka biscuits have become an essential part of the Sudanese diet, with the trademark blue wrappers recognised by consumers all over the Sudan, South Sudan and even into neighbouring Eritrea, Ethiopia and Chad. For decades, we have been delighting consumers with our ever-growing range of high quality, delicious and well-priced products, which now includes 9 different products. Through our dedicated distribution fleets, which cover Khartoum and all the major cities, we guarantee only freshness and quality. Conscious that children and youth make up a significant proportion of our customer base, we seek at all times to ensure that our products are made from only the highest quality raw materials, sourced from trustworthy suppliers. We make our products without excessive additives and preservatives. We combine all of this with strict quality control policies to ensure that we consistently provide safe, reliable and enjoyable products. We also pride ourselves on ensuring, through a deep understanding of local and regional markets, that our products offer our consumers excellent value for money. Looking to the future, we believe that our customers always come first and so we are constantly striving to maintain our commitment to innovative, premium products through continuous research and development. Our outstanding reputation in these areas allows us to provide the high level of interaction and customer satisfaction that only truly great brands can enjoy.

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