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Cway Kenya Foods Beverages
Nairobi, Kenya

CWAY Group is a multinational company specialized in the production & whole-sale supply of treated water, water dispensers, soft drinks, foods & beverages industry in countries of Africa & Asia. We have sixteen fully automated factories with state of the art technology in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya & India.

Over the years, CWAY Group ensures improvement of sound health of its esteemed customers by provision of hygienic & healthy food & Beverage products. Today, CWAY products have created a bench mark as market leaders especially in Nigeria, Kenya & Egypt thus, the brand "CWAY" has become a resounding household name.

In near future, Cway is about to expand with operation bases in Cameroon, South Africa, Benin & Tanzania. We are consolidating our efforts in the industry to ensure continues growth & still contribute in the economic development process of countries of our operations through provisions of jobs & business opportunities.
CWAY Purified Table Water
CWAY Purified Table Water is the most competitive products developed by the company as a result of huge investment since 2006. It reverse-osmosis high-tech is from the China, and the first-class facilities of the whole production line, including the production of bottles and caps, the filling and labeling, are all imported from there. All of these ensure the best quality and taste of CWAY Purified Table Water.

5 Gallon Canned Water
CWAY water for every family
CWAY 5 gallon canned water adopted the water treatment technology. With the most advanced equipment and techniques, and the scientific management, CWAY 5 gallon canned water has the same quality as the bottled water. CWAY 5 gallon canned water's outstanding quality and satisfying service won the acceptance and favorable response from the consumers. In hundreds of cities nationally, we have thousands of CWAY Water Transport Service Station, densely spread around you. You just need a call, and we would send the canned water to your home. CWAY water is classified as healthy and nutritious for all the family.

CWAY Nutri- Milk
Taking high quality milk powder as raw material, with the high techniques and imported lines from the China in fully automatic processing, CWAY Nutri-milk is a perfect combination of fruit juice and milk, providing not only the nutrition and calcium from milk, but also the abundant vitamins from juice. With its innovative package, fresh taste and abundant nutrition, CWAY Nutri-milk has been accepted by many consumers as part of their nutrition life, and it is greatly welcomed ever since its launch. CWAY Nutri-milk drinks comes in apple, orange.

CWAY Fruit Drinks Series use fruit concentrates imported from China as raw material, and also UHT techs are employed in the processing to keep the nutritional elements and natural flavor of the drink. The products contain many natural elements like carotene β, Vc and other minerals.

CWAY fruit drinks are in apple, peach and iced tea variants.
Apple-fruit drink is a perfect blend of exotic apples & the health benefits of Aloe in it to give a heavenly experience & smooth taste in every gulp till the very end. 

CWAY milk tea powder
Cway food and beverages, brand owners of MILK TEA: Instant soluble classic and chocolate flavours. These flavours have unique taste and added value depicting a new concept for the Nigerian Market with a view towards creating convenient and assessible high nutritive choice products for the corporate world in style.

CWAY MILK TEA: Classic flavour and Chocolate flavour

Fridge (58B18HL) 
Sterilizer (58B17HX)

Single Door
Hot/Cold Water
Child Safety lock
Water Tray
Mixed Silver & Red 

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