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Tajent Resource (Nigeria) Ltd.

Tajent Resource (Nigeria) Limited is a specialist supplier of all kinds of agro products like Cocoa, Cashew, Coffee, Kola Nut, Maize, Palm Oil, Palm Kenel, Ginger, Chilled Peper, Soya Beans, Cotton etc. By procuring directly from plantations across Nigeria, we are able to provide extremely low prices for our agro products and have therefore emerged as a major supplier of all types of agro produce to regional as well as international markets

On the other side, we can also market your products in our country. There is always a demand for quality foodstuff in West Africa and we would be happy to become partners with suppliers of foodstuff from other parts of the world. Rice, wheat, butter and other common foodstuff products are in big demand in Nigeria and the West Africa region as a whole.

Serious business proposals welcome.

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